Hawos ROTARE Peddle Drive


A seriously heavy duty mill, made with the commercial PEGASUS mill-work, the ROTARE is an industrial PEDDLE POWERED  mill capable of producing large volumes of flour. Made with very stable solid Beech Multiplex and finished in Linseed Oil, this incredible mill is ideal for family, community or survival applications. Full bearing design.

Treadmill Peddle Power producing healthy meals with your own fitness!

  • 100-200 grams per minute output @ 200RPM
  • Hopper 2000 grams
  • 125mm Diameter – Corundum-in-Ceramic milling stones

Available by Factory Back Order, 3-6 Weeks delivery

Available on back-order

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Hawos Peddle Drive ROTARE – produce healthy meals with your own fitness! Put the mill on the floor, add a comfortable chair or armchair – and off you go. Read the newspaper, work on the PC or watch TV in a relaxed manner. Infinite adjustment of the degree of grinding from fine – coarse, ideal for all types of dry grain. The treadmill is made of robust beech multiplex with the proven hawos milling stones made of corundum/ceramic with a Ø of 125 mm. The pedals are three times adjustable in length and drive an industrial chain through the double-bearing crankshaft.

This is solid quality and pure durability with the same grind stone mechanism as the ROTARE Hand Mill

Housing – Beech multiplex
Milling capacity (wheat) – approx. 75 g/min – approx. 200 g/min
Hopper capacity (wheat)  –  1800 – 3300 g
Corundum Ceramic Stones  –  125mm Diameter
Weight – 24 kg Net  29kg Gross
Support height for bowl – 28 cm
Stand space with foot (W x D x H) – 640 x 610 x 550mm
Surface treatment – linseed oil varnish
Warranty – 10 years for private use
Particularities – Pedals 3-way adjustable