Stuart’s Healthy Whole Grain Brown Bread

Ingredients     g Cost /kg Batch Cost 7 Cups Whole Grain wheat flour Flour 1,000  $3.95  $3.95 1 Tablespoon Himalayan Salt Salt x 75% 17.25  $3.00  $0.05 4 Tablespoons ground Linseed Linseed 95  $6.60  $0.63 4 Tablespoons ground Sunflower / Pepitas CASP 44  $11.50  $0.51 1 pkt Instant Yeast Yeast 10  $7.98  $0.08 1 … Read more

Bread Maker Recipe – as simple as

BREAD MAKER RECIPE – as easy as mill the fresh whole grain flour add the ingredients start the bread maker! For those with limited time, a Bread Maker is a great companion to a kitchen grain mill. PANASONIC – LARGE LOAF700g fine freshly ground (wheat) flour + 500ml water + 100ml Oil2 flat tsp of … Read more

Simon’s Sourdough Pancake

Sourdough Starter includes WholeGrain Flour, Spring Water, Starter – ration of 100 gm /100gm /100gm INGREDIENTS & METHOD Using a cast 24″ saucepan. Heat pan 6 minutes. Distribute oil form a light coating on the entire surface of pan. Add 100grams of starter Flour mix. Add 2 x tablespoon of Canola Oil to develop a … Read more

Anne’s Simple Whole Grain Bread Recipe

Bread-Maker Method INGREDIENTS 285 gms Whole Grain Flour, 105 gms Rye Flour, 105 gms Semolina, 1 tbspn Milk Power, 1 1/4 tspns Yeast, 1 tbspn Suger or 2 dspns Honey, 2 tspns Salt, 2 tbspns Olive Oil, 350 gms Warm Water Method Mix all dry ingredients together, add to bread-maker Mix remaining ingredients then add … Read more