Simon’s Sourdough Pancake

Sourdough Starter includes WholeGrain Flour, Spring Water, Starter – ration of 100 gm /100gm /100gm


Using a cast 24″ saucepan. Heat pan 6 minutes. Distribute oil form a light coating on the entire surface of pan. Add 100grams of starter Flour mix. Add 2 x tablespoon of Canola Oil to develop a batter. Pour batter and spread out immediately. Whilst batter is still wet on top, Add your choice of sesame seeds, poppy seeds etc. Flip when batter is cooked checking to make sure its golden brown (don’t burn) Move from pan to plate.

TOPPINGS – Add your preferred toppings such as Avocado spread, Tomato slice, Chive or fresh Basil leaves, freshly cracked Salt & Pepper