New Zealand family owned Te Puke based online supplier, offering an extensive range of organically certified dry foods (such as nuts, seeds, wheat, grains, dried flours, rice, pasta …etc) and a selection of high quality retail products (such as oils, honey, coffee and tea) with a focus and passion for NZ grown & made. Contact … Read more

About Whole Grains

For thousands of years, grain and grain products have been one of the most valuable sources of nutrition. Whole grain provides almost all the nutrients we need for our dietary requirements. Carbohydrate (starch), fat and proteins in cereals provide the body with energy. Vitamins and minerals are needed, to regulate body functions such as the … Read more

How Flour from Wheat Breaks Down

Factory processed flours are not what nature intended for us to eat – only freshly milled flour can meet our biological needs. Grains (and other grains like them) store well because of the protective outer jacket that seals in freshness, and seals out the bacteria and oxygen. We know this outer layer as BRAN. Bran … Read more