KAREN’S wholegrain rye starter success

I am very pleased with my rye grain sourdough starter. Flour ground with my Schnitzer Grain Mill. A great wholegrain sourdough starter every time. 100% Rye wholegrain Karen – Gold Coast QLD

Tony’s BILLY 1 and his new OAT FLAKER

We used to make our flour with a rather cumbersome, less-than-satisfactory old stand mixer. 12 months ago, I replaced it with the Hawos BILLY 1 grain flour mill; my wife and I are both delighted with it. Its always ready to go, the grinding speed is good and the flour is just WONDERFUL: SILKY FINE … Read more

MAY’S Schnitzer VARIO Wedding GIFT

I got my Schnitzer VARIO grain mill 22 years ago in Switzerland. It was a wedding present. When I moved to Australia I took it with me and I am still using it. I had to change the small capacitor once, otherwise she has never missed a beat. I use it to grind flour and … Read more

MARIA – can’t live without her PROOFER

Bread Proofer

I purchased my PROOFER & SLOW COOKER from Skippy Grain Mills a month ago, and quite frankly, can’t live without it.    It is perfect for maintaining a consistent temperature for my sourdough starter and the proofing process for the sourdough bread.  The size is perfect for most containers and bowls and folds up for easy … Read more

Artisan Baking – From Grain to Bread

Michael Klausen, co-founder and driving force behind Brasserie Bread, is seriously committed to single origin bread making. He knows the importance of using freshly milled flour for home bakers;“The first test I did with the Skippy Mill was an eye opener beyond belief. Making the dough with the freshly milled flour is such a great … Read more