Artisan Baking – From Grain to Bread

Michael Klausen, co-founder and driving force behind Brasserie Bread, is seriously committed to single origin bread making. He knows the importance of using freshly milled flour for home bakers;
“The first test I did with the Skippy Mill was an eye opener beyond belief. Making the dough with the freshly milled flour is such a great experience. The dough is beautifully alive and full of enzyme activity. The flavour of the bread is out of this world. Every home baker should mill the flour just before mixing the dough and have this as the standard.”

Brasserie Bread, a leading Australian artisan sourdough bakery, have launched a new baking class in Sydney: “Artisan Baking – From Grain to Bread”. Using a classic Skippy grain mill, this course unlocks many baking secrets using freshly milled wholegrain flour. Expert tuition from their skilled bakers guides you through three hours of hands-on educational fun in their custom-built ‘Breaducation’ room, making crusty wholegrain batard loaves and fresh open sandwhiches which are enjoyed as part of the class.

“Artisan Baking – From Grain To Bread” is a course that introduces you to the sweet and wheaty aromas of freshly milled flour. Each guest learns traditional methods and artisan techniques of hand mixing and shaping elastic dough. While the bread bakes, you’ll enjoy refreshments over more ‘Breaducation’ on wholegrain bread and the nutrients found in freshly milled flour. These newfound skills are then yours to enjoy with family and friends for many years to come.

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Creating beautifully hand-crafted sourdough breads for the communities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Brasserie have taken the next step in quality sourdough. By carefully choosing full flavoured single origin wheat from the nutrient rich soils of the Flinders Ranges, they show their commitment to a sustainable source – something to celebrate! Brasserie’s rustic cafés and retailers serve simple, hearty food and offer award-winning sourdough to bread loving customers. Brasserie want to share the joy and artistry of baking with everyone.“We focus on the quality of our ingredients, the skill of our bakers, and the integrity of our process to create truly delicious, artisan bread.”

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