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The average person has been eating between 2 to 6 slices of bread per day, for over a hundred years

Is the flour output very fine from a stone mill?

Fine flour output produced from the Hawos & Schnitzer 90-100mm mill-work is particularly good at > than 90% under 300 micron. This translates into genuinely fine flours from the finest setting. The output makes fantastic breads without sieving, and where sour dough benefits greatly from the complete balance. Sieving is an option too if you … Read more

Whole-Grain Nutrition

Whole-grains are nearly the perfect food source. They are a primary dietary source of many vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids and a multitude of phytochemical. They provide carbohydrates and resistant starch, as adding whole grains to your diet can significantly benefit your health and wellbeing.

Stuart’s Healthy Whole Grain Brown Bread

Ingredients     g Cost /kg Batch Cost 7 Cups Whole Grain wheat flour Flour 1,000  $3.95  $3.95 1 Tablespoon Himalayan Salt Salt x 75% 17.25  $3.00  $0.05 4 Tablespoons ground Linseed Linseed 95  $6.60  $0.63 4 Tablespoons ground Sunflower / Pepitas CASP 44  $11.50  $0.51 1 pkt Instant Yeast Yeast 10  $7.98  $0.08 1 … Read more

Bread Maker Recipe – as simple as

BREAD MAKER RECIPE – as easy as mill the fresh whole grain flour add the ingredients start the bread maker! For those with limited time, a Bread Maker is a great companion to a kitchen grain mill. PANASONIC – LARGE LOAF700g fine freshly ground (wheat) flour + 500ml water + 100ml Oil2 flat tsp of … Read more

MARIA – can’t live without her PROOFER

Bread Proofer

I purchased my PROOFER & SLOW COOKER from Skippy Grain Mills a month ago, and quite frankly, can’t live without it.    It is perfect for maintaining a consistent temperature for my sourdough starter and the proofing process for the sourdough bread.  The size is perfect for most containers and bowls and folds up for easy … Read more

Simon’s Sourdough Pancake

Sourdough Starter includes WholeGrain Flour, Spring Water, Starter – ration of 100 gm /100gm /100gm INGREDIENTS & METHOD Using a cast 24″ saucepan. Heat pan 6 minutes. Distribute oil form a light coating on the entire surface of pan. Add 100grams of starter Flour mix. Add 2 x tablespoon of Canola Oil to develop a … Read more

Anne’s Simple Whole Grain Bread Recipe

Bread-Maker Method INGREDIENTS 285 gms Whole Grain Flour, 105 gms Rye Flour, 105 gms Semolina, 1 tbspn Milk Power, 1 1/4 tspns Yeast, 1 tbspn Suger or 2 dspns Honey, 2 tspns Salt, 2 tbspns Olive Oil, 350 gms Warm Water Method Mix all dry ingredients together, add to bread-maker Mix remaining ingredients then add … Read more