Hawos ROTARE -Heavy Duty Hand Mill with Electric Drive Option


A seriously heavy duty hand mill, made with the commercial PEGASUS mill-work, the ROTARE is an industrial hand mill capable of producing large volumes of flour by hand. Made with very stable solid Beech Multiplex and finished in Linseed Oil, this incredible mill is ideal for family, community or survival applications. Dual table clamp and super stable. Full bearing design.

  • 75-250 grams per minute output @ 100RPM
  • Hopper 1850 grams
  • 125mm Diameter – Corundum-in-Ceramic milling stones
  • Pulley motorisation option is also available $198.00

Price excludes GST and or customs fees

1-3 Weeks Delivery

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Featuring the complete horizontal drive mill-work from the Pegasus commercial mill, the ROTARE offers the best of both worlds – large output hand milling and easy adaptation of pulley kit for motorisation. The hand drive is well designed, allowing the vertical operating position to be best leveraged via the chain-drive gearing. This makes it easy to turn for maximum hand output and connection to a pulley kit and motor.

This mill will go all day if needed, and is ideal for a large family or community needs or survival. As a mill-work-only version of the Pegasus, it is smaller and easier to transport or store.

A motor-pulley setup can be disconnected and stored easily too.

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