KornKraft FARINA


Our most popular small sized hand mill, the original FARINA made by Kornkraft, is a small to medium size hand mill using real Naxos Basalt-in-Magnesite mill stones and will grind a wide variety of cereal grains with ease.  German Larchwood Housing with Beeswax finish

  • 35-70 grams per minute output
  • 200 gram funnel / hopper
  • 45mm Conical shaped Grind Stones

Delivery 1-3 weeks

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Our most popular small sized hand mill, the original FARINA made by Kornkraft. Features include a unique solid timber housing from Larchwood (finished with natural beeswax balm), a strong handle with spinning timber grip on a single ball race and heavy duty table-clamp. The ergonomic design is simple and compact, suitable for everyday use, travel or survival. The 3 foot design stable and grips with small rubber pads. An excellent choice for children to operate easily too.

Adjustment is simply made via the front timber hex knob, allowing for fine-to-coarse settings, providing a flexible range of output grades… a proven design of over 25 years. Anything from slightly cracked grains, coarse garnishes through to fine flour for pastries and breads can be produced. The deeper conical design of the mill stones allows Maize (corn) to be ground with success.
Check the grains & spice listings on this page for what you can grind. This is not a comprehensive listing, so please Contact Us if you need to check about any other items not included.

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