Osttiroler – Semi Commercial FLOUR SIFTER


A semi-commercial 3-bay flour sifter, suited to smaller sifting needs. Uses silk sieves and dual helical brush to sift flour through sieve sizes 224 (type 00), 344, 710 and 1,000 micron.

  • Output is 8-15KG per hour
  • 360 Watt, single phase 230V -50Hz electric motor

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Currently 3-6 weeks delivery ex Europe



The Semi-Commercial SIFTER is a small version of the larger commercial sifter units, using a dual brush to sweep the flour over 3 silk sieves. It is ideal for smaller volume setups where continuous operation is not required, a good match for the Hawos Pegasus semi-commercial stone mill.

Flour enters the sifter at the top port, then falls into the sifter chamber, sweeps push the flour through the sieves into 3 bins with the bran component coming out the end spout.

The sifter comes with a 4-sieve set, producing very fine 224u Type00 flour, 344u, 710u & 1000u. Separate sieves are available to make up the desired volume and grade of output. eg. 3x344u

Finer sieves produce less output – coarser flour from the end output can be re-milled.

Flour drawers can be customised to feed bins below.

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