Schnitzer COUNTRY Pulley Kit


PULLEY KIT to power the Schnitzer COUNTRY hand mill. Comprises large & small pulley set with V-Belt. Adapt motor, wind or pedal power for your grain mill operation.

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Adapt your power source to the Country hand mill – large custom cast 12″ threaded pulley fits directly onto the mill drive shaft and small 1.5″ pulley fits to power source (0.5″ center Ø with grub screw) – plus A-Section V belt. Reducing at roughly 10:1, the pulley set will bring a motor with 1440 RPM (a common electric motor speed) down to the 140 RPM max. recommended. The large pulley can be attached to the mill with the handle together, making easy transition from powered use the hand use at any time. Other power sources include pedal, solar etc.

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