Eschenfelder TABLE Flaker – NOVIA Blue


The highest quality table mounted hand flaker for gentle rolling of Oats and other grains, seeds etc. These mills are the very best flakers available, simple and robust for decades of use. NOVIA gives a modern and striking colour to an age old process.
150grams per minute output, Hopper 300g Metal.
50mm ø Large Parallel Stainless Steel roller

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The Eschenfelder Table Flaker is an exceptional mill. Considered by many to be the best hand flaker in the world (and here at Skippy), they represent a lifetime investment in whole-grain health. Each grain is opened by gently squeezing, and the precious seed oils (carriers of nutrients and enzymes) remain intact.

Strong and versatile, all cereals can be pressed/crushed (except popping corn), dry or wet, and oily seeds, spices, pulses etc. Multiple passes will achieve a coarse flour output. The design is very simple & robust, using 2 counter rotating large 50mm Stainless Steel rollers, the mill is very easy to turn combined with the longer handle length. There are few moving parts – one roller is driven directly by the handle, with the other roller free-wheeling as the grains are pressed through. The rollers are adjusted to a gap of between ~ 0.3-1.5mm, cross-hatching on the rollers is fine and precise for better “cathcing” from the hopper compared with other brands. Incorporated into the output chute are two scrapers, one close under each roller, very well designed to prevent material from sticking to the rollers – particularly helpful for damp or oily pressings like linseed. Two wing nuts adjust the pressure of the flaking rollers, making flat or slightly pressed grains with ease.

The timber frame and base is solid Beechwood finished in natural Linseed Oil, with a striking blue colour on the handle, hopper and name plate. The table clamp requires a table thickness of no more than 4.5cm and a depth of table overhang no less than 4cm. The mill can be mounted on a piece of timber for additional clamping for alternate table dimensions.

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