Hawos QUEEN 2 – 600 Watt


Designed for higher volume fine-to-coarse milling from a wide variety of grains & spices. Solid Beechwood multiplex housing with reddish-brown appearance, finished in natural linseed oil. 220-500 grams per minute output, Hopper 1500g. 100mm ø fine grain corundum in ceramic stones. 600 Watt brushless induction motor.


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The QUEEN 2 features a Solid Beechwood multiplex housing. The 11 ply construction is very stable and rugged with a pleasing full-grained reddish-brown appearance, naturally finished in Linseed Oil. Using large self-sharpening 100mm mill stones, the QUEEN 2 produces very fine flours from a wide variety of grains; for all the regular grains like wheat, rye and spelt etc., and is very good for other items like chick peas, lentils and corn etc. Fine to coarse flours are possible with the infinitely adjustable mill-work, which does not move during operation. Fine output is a genuine 10% finer than other stone grinder brands, translating into more options for better starters, finer baked items, spice grinds etc. The motor is a very strong 600W brushless direct drive induction design. Safety Lab tested in Australia to 240V, the QUEEN 2 is able to grind corn and other hard items with ease, providing good output and reliable operation for decades. Considering the quality of the Hawos grain mills, purchasing a larger 600W model is often a good choice for those wanting higher output for shorter grind times, larger single milling sessions or for semi-commercial use. Check the grains & spice listings on this page for what you can grind. This is not a comprehensive listing, so please Contact Us if you need to check about any other items not included.

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Weight 13.3 kg
Dimensions 26 × 31 × 50 cm






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