ME CONE MILL – Attachment


  • A great multi Steel Cone Mill for making fine – coarse flours from whole grains, plus fresh seed meals and the ability make fresh rolled oats. Connects to the ME Hand Drive Base or the Electric Drive Base. Can also connect to your KitchenAid or Kenwood mixer with a small adaptor
  • 35-90 grams per minute mill output
  • Hopper 900g
  • 35mm Ø Precision Steel Cone Mill

Delivery 1-3 weeks

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Messerschmidt Hand Mills have a family history of generations. The simple and robust design has stood the test of time, providing both milling & flaking functions for grains, seeds and hard dry nuts.

The ME Steel Cone Mill uses small conical steel burs to produce a wide range of outputs. The precision front-adjustment allows from very fine to coarse milling of all the regular grains for fresh flours, plus the ability to do fresh seed meals & coffee. The auger that drives the product forward to the milling head is long, deep veined and positive, providing good drive even for small items like poppy seeds. The hopper holds up to 900g. Cleaning, if required, is simple and easy with hand only assembly.

Can be used with the ME Adapters on KitchenAid / Kenwood  stand mixer machines, or with the table mount ME Hand Drive Bae or ME Electric Drive Base

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