ME Hand Drive Base


Table mount ME HAND DRIVE BASE  for the ME Stone Mill, ME Cone Mill and the ME Flaker (Flocker) or Veg Cutter.  The Drive Base is made of multiple laminate German beech wood.

ME Hand System ** Drive Base Only **

Connects to all ME Attachments

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Messerschmidt Hand Mills have a family history of generations. The simple and robust design has stood the test of time, providing both milling & flaking functions for grains, seeds and hard dry nuts.

The Drive Base is made of multiple laminate Beech wood. Using a sturdy G-Type under table clamp through the widened foot that hangs over the table edge, it is strong and stable. The handle fits positively into the drive and has a spinning grip which is important for easy milling. Changing between attachments is a simple “twist and remove then replace” operation with a locking switch.


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