ME Schnitzer STONE MILL Attachment – (Jupiter)


A high quality European made multi-use Stone Grain Flour Mill Attachment for making fine-to-coarse flours from grains and spices. Can be connected to the ME Hand Drive Base, ME Electric Drive Base or KitchenAid / Kenwood Stand Mixers

  • 35-90 grams per minute mill output
  • Hopper 600g
  • 50mm Ø Conical Naxos Basalt-in-Magnesite Stones

Delivery 1-3 weeks

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The Schnitzer Stone Mill attachment uses the same Naxos Basalt in Magnesite stone as found in the Country & Campo hand mills. Suited to grinding of all the regular dry whole grains, this is an economical solution for those wanting stone milling. The ME Schnitzer Stone Mill can also be used (with adaptor) on modern KitchenAid / Kenwood  stand mixers, making the attachment versatile for both electric and hand use.

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