Salzburger MH4 Korundum


A deluxe hand mill using corundum stones, the Salsburger MH4 is a compact and beautifully made hand mill.
40-80 grams per minute output.
Solid Beechwood housing.

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This hand mill with its solid construction, good fastening device and its quick and easy handling offers a real alternative where no electric power is available. The housing is made through and through of solid, hard beech-wood. Updated models include a timber handle.

The corundum in ceramic milling stones, together with the low milling speed of hand-operation makes sure that your flour is processed in the gentlest possible way and is the perfect combination of abrasion resistance, hardness and stability, for long-life milling.

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Weight 3.5 kg
Dimensions 29 × 29 × 38 cm